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Bernie & Phyl's Customer Reviews & Comments

Sally McSween (MA)

I own a seasonal condo in Turo. I live in Syracuse New York and my ability to be on the Cape is limited. I needed a sleeper sofa and I needed it delivered the week of 5/19.

I shopped your web site and found what I thought would be a good sofa for my needs. But I needed to be sure the colors on the web picture would go with my newly painted walls.

I called the Hyannis store, explained my situation to the person who answered the phone and Elise came on the line. I again explained my situation and my concern that the colors in the sofa may clash with my newly painted walls. She had paint chips for my paint manufacturer in the store. I gave her the color and she when to check the samples. She called me back about a hour later and said my color was not in her samples, but what local store carried the brand and she would run out that day and get a paint sample.

I assured her the next day would be adequate. She did call me the next day. She had gotten the paint sample, held it up against the sofa I had selected. Not only she but 2 other staff in the Hyannis store agreed, the couch would go with the new paint.

I was very appreciative and I bought the couch.

I was very impressed with Elise's responsiveness to my situation and wanted you to know about it. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE which sadly I do not see very often any more.

I absolutely will come to Benrie and Phyls when I need additional furniture.


Patricia Pawlick

Dear Bernie and Phil, I purchased a adjustable bed and mattress in November 2011, A few months later noticed a tear on the seam of the mattress, we had a tech come out and was told we were going to get a new mattress because the tear was large. We went to your store to upgrade our mattress and ask the salesman there if they could help us to program our remotes on our bed so we only needed one remote, the sales tech called over Eric (his manager of bedding) he mad several calls to different companies as well as differt tecs, and kept us informed all the way. We spoke to him every day for 4 days. He then gave us the # of the company that makes the bed and we now have someone coming out next week to see what they can do. I called Eric back to thank him and he was just the best, he told us he would do whatever he could do to resolve our issues. Thank You Eric! And Thank You Bernie and Phil. We will defenitly be back to your wonderful store.

Beth Daley

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding employees that you have at your Saugus, MA furniture store, My name is Beth Daley, my mother and father live with me, my father broke his hip in October and was and in rehab and was sent home to be with his family at the end of his journey, he is a very ill man, I quick my job three years ago to stay home with both of my parents, my mom has been battling breast cancer for the last 5 years, 2 years ago the breast cancer metastatic to the lungs, after Feburary of this year all four tumors in her breast were gone due to a trial study at the Massachusetts Cancer Center in Danvers MA. So our family has been dealing with taking care of my father including all the hard work my mom does alone for him, she was a very vibrant woman, our hero our angel, 4 weeks ago she had a seizure, which confirmed the worst the brest cancer had spread to her brain, she went through radiation, and lost her hair, I saved mine along with my father, for support of our Angel Delores, We brought her home from rehab yesterday, she wants to be with her husband, children and seven grandchildren for the small amount of time she has left, her mental status is not good at all and she is un able to walk, but the few word she is able to get out are "I Love you" and its so beautiful, she can not complete full sentences. Today was a beautiful day in our house, everyone was over, enjoying grandma, well after everyone left, she spends all her time in her recliner, if she is not there it is in her bed. Around 8:00 p.m. tonight, the foot rest on my mother's very old reclinder broken, she needs a recliner because of the brain cancer, and for keeping her legs and feet elevated because they swell. I franctically got into my car and went to Bob's Furniture, I asked for the manager, he told me they do not sell anything from the floor it needed to be orderd, I started to cry, and a very nice employee of Bob's told me to go to Bernie &Phyl's so out the door I ran got into my car and called your Saugus Store, I spoke with a very pleasent woman Laura, I explained what I needed and she put me on hold, with in seconds Mike Dotoli Came to the phone, I explained to him my story, and that I was in need of a recliner tonight, he said Beth hold one, within seconds he was back on the line telling me he had two recliners I could buy, I was already in te parking lot. I was greated by a very nice man I told him I was looking for mike, he then paged him. Mike was so helpful picking out the chair, and was so compassionate about our family's situation, I picked a chair, he called alix from the warehouse, who came within seconds, my brother is a long time Saugus Fire fighter, and he would be meeting me out back at the pick up door with his pick up truck. Then I was escorted by Mike to the front desk, I did not bring my credit cards, I only had cash, he sad me down with Krystal who was very sweet and compasionate and I got to meet Laura who I spoke on the phone, Bernie & Phyl you have an outstand employee staff, which should be recognized, they calmed me down, I was a mess walking into your store, the only thing in my life that matters is my mother and her comfort! Mike wished me the best and was so humble, and alix gave me a hug and said i'm sorry about your mom. we took the recliner home and suprised my mom, all she keep saying was "I love it" "its beautiful over and over again, she looks like a princess in the recliner. I know this is a long letter, I my parents raised there children to always go out of our way to say thank you, we alway hear about the negative experiences in life, we never hear about the good ones, Bernie & Phyl, I will always be greatful to your employee's that helped me tonight, I wanted you to know, that I will forever shop at your store and mike, Alix laura & Krystal will be in my heart and memories forever. on a side note, my dad I think was a little jealous when he saw the recliner, he said I want one too. lololol

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