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Bernie & Phyl's Furniture Protection Plan

Protect Your Home Furnishings

No matter how careful you are with your new home furnishings, we all know that accidents can happen. Over the years, servicing our customers, we have learned a lot about the accidents and damages that commonly occur. We have designed our Furniture Protection Plan to protect you and your furniture for 5 full years from the kinds of things that happen, even in the most carefully maintained homes.

If you suffer any qualifying damage covered by this Plan all you have to do is call our Customer Care department. Our expert Customer Care representatives will be able to assist you to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently by providing cleaning tips or products or, if necessary, scheduling a home visit by one of our Service Technicians. One call to Bernie and Phyl’s Customer Care department is all it takes.

Best of all, if you never need to make use of your Furniture Protection plan during the 5 years you are covered, we will issue you a store credit equal to the total cost of your Protection plan. If you need to use it, you’re covered….. if you don’t need to use it, you don’t lose it!

What To Do If Damage Occurs

If you have a spill on leather, fabric or wood, be sure to blot any excess liquid up immediately with a soft, absorbent towel………don’t rub, blot. This will help to prevent stains from setting.

If a stain persists or any other covered damage occurs, just call Bernie and Phyl’s Customer Care department within 5 days of discovering the damage and we’ll take it from there. You will need your sales receipt and must be willing to cooperate with Bernie and Phyl’s in our efforts to perform our obligations under this plan.

Our Customer Care Department can be reached at 1-800-244-9350 (option 2), Monday through Saturday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What Your Plan Protects Fabric Leather Wood

Most Accidental Stains including food and beverage spills, human and pet bodily fluids, grass and grease stains, ballpoint pen ink, gum, nail polish, cosmetics, lipstick and crayon marks.

Accidental Burn or Singe Marks  
Accidental Rips, Tears or Punctures  
Failure of integral electrical components
Breakage of mechanisms  
Accidental heat or water marks or liquid rings.    
Accidental scratches or gouges that penetrate the clear coat finish, chips and dents.    
Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of the clear coat finish or lifting of veneers    
Accidental structural damage to wood frame or assembly joints    
Accidental scratching or chipping of glass components or loss of silvering on mirrors    

What Happens When You Report Damage

Upon receiving a claim covered by this Plan, Bernie and Phyl’s will provide repair advice and/or products to aid in stain removal or repair of the damage. If the stain or damage persists, Bernie and Phyl’s will schedule a no charge in home visit by a professional technician. If the technician determines that repairs must be made off site, the damaged furniture will be removed and returned at no cost to You. If the stain or damaged part or area cannot be repaired or replaced, or if a part is not available, Bernie and Phyl’s will authorize issuance of a store credit equal to the retail purchase price (excluding taxes and fees) of the non repairable furniture piece. You may use this store credit to select a replacement piece of furniture at a price equal to or less than that of the damaged furniture. We will not replace or otherwise service matching pieces of furniture that are not damaged or covered under this plan. This plan does not transfer to replacement furniture. This plan does not provide coverage for rental, nonresidential, institutional or commercial use. You must live within 50 miles of the nearest Bernie and Phyl’s location to receive in home service. Damaged furniture may be dropped off at any Bernie and Phyl’s location for servicing under this agreement.


What This Plan Does Not Cover:

Fading of the upholstery, color loss and/or discoloration of fabric or wood, or fabrics that become worn or soiled from everyday use including body oil, hair oil and perspiration.

  1. Any staining, rips, tears, punctures, burns or gouges caused by acts of abuse or neglect. Stains or damage caused by transit or movement between residences or storage. Furniture used where it may be directly or indirectly exposed to the elements of nature. Stains or damage caused A: by use of improper cleaning methods or improper cleaning materials (other than those provided by Bernie and Phyl’s specifically for use with the covered furniture) or damage from acid, bleach, caustic solutions, mildew, mold or accumulation of stains, scratches or other damage.
  2. Fading of the upholstery, color loss and/or discoloration of fabric or wood, or fabrics that become worn or soiled from everyday use including body oil, hair oil and perspiration.
  3. Pet damage other than pet bodily fluids, including damage caused by claws and teeth.
  4. Wood surface scratches, dents, chips or gouges that do not penetrate through the clear coat finish.
  5. Leather surface scratches that do not penetrate through the finish.
  6. Dye lot or texture variations.
  7. Odors

Content updated on : January 29, 2018

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